Azure meshPlatform

Source code & Installation

The source code of this kit module can be found hereopen in new window

Run the following command to install the kit module:

collie kit import azure/meshplatform

This kit module integrates Azure into meshStack as a platform using the official terraform-azure-meshplatform module. This module sets up service principals and permissions required for meshStack. The output of this module is a set of credentials that need to be configured in meshStack as described in meshcloud public docsopen in new window.


No requirements.




No resources.


additional_permissionsAdditional Subscription-Level Permissions the Service Principal needs.list(string)[]no
additional_required_resource_accessesAdditional AAD-Level Resource Accesses the replicator Service Principal needs.list(object({ resource_app_id = string, resource_accesses = list(object({ id = string, type = string })) }))[]no
metering_assignment_scopesNames or UUIDs of the Management Groups that kraken should collect costs for.list(string)n/ayes
metering_enabledWhether to create Metering Service Principal or not.booltrueno
metering_service_principal_nameService principal for collecting cost data. Kraken ist the name of the meshStack component. Name must be unique per Entra ID.string"kraken"no
replicator_assignment_scopesNames or UUIDs of the Management Groups which replicator should manage.list(string)n/ayes
replicator_custom_role_scopeName or UUID of the Management Group of the replicator custom role definition. The custom role definition must be available for all assignment scopes.string"Tenant Root Group"no
replicator_enabledWhether to create replicator Service Principal or not.booltrueno
replicator_rg_enabledWhether the created replicator Service Principal should be usable for Azure Resource Group based replication. Implicitly enables replicator_enabled if set to true.boolfalseno
replicator_service_principal_nameService principal for managing subscriptions. Replicator is the name of the meshStack component. Name must be unique per Entra ID.string"replicator"no
sso_enabledWhether to create SSO Service Principal or not.booltrueno
sso_meshstack_redirect_uriRedirect URI that was provided by meshcloud. It is individual per meshStack.string""no
sso_service_principal_nameService principal for Entra ID SSO. Name must be unique per Entra ID.string"sso"no


azure_ad_tenant_idThe Azure AD tenant id.
metering_client_secretPassword for Metering Service Principal.
metering_credentialsMetering Service Principal.
replicator_client_secretPassword for Replicator Service Principal.
replicator_credentialsReplicator Service Principal.