In the Collie Hub you will find open-source kit modules that you can use for building your cloud foundation and landing zones on AWS, Azure & GCP. The communityopen in new window maintains these modules in an open source repositoryopen in new window.


The challenges that most organizations encounter building up a landing zone are very similar. Kit modules available on Collie Hub implement common solutions and serve as a great starting point for building your own landing zones.

All available modules are grouped in the sidebar on the left by cloud platform. The foundation category is meant for modules that work across multiple platforms. You will most likely not find any Terraform code here, but rather tools that works across the entire cloud foundation across multiple platforms, for example, the template for generating your documentation.

The source code of each kit module is linked within the kit module page and can be easily opened. The installation command is provided on each page as well.

How to use a module from the Hub

Assuming you have already read and used the Getting Started guide and set up your foundation for at least one cloud platform, you can import kit modules from the Collie Hub as following:

# Import a kit module from collie hub
collie kit import <module>

# Apply the kit module to your foundation of choice (as usual)
collie kit apply <module>


If you skip supplying the <module> parameter, you can interactively explore all available modules from your CLI.

That's it! The kit module is now part of your cloud foundation. You can make edits to it and deploy it when ready:

collie foundation deploy <foundation>