Azure Subscription Budget Alert

Source code & Installation

The source code of this kit module can be found hereopen in new window

Run the following command to install the kit module:

collie kit import azure/buildingblocks/budget-alert

This documentation is intended as a reference documentation for cloud foundation or platform engineers using this module.


This is a very simple building block, which means we let the SPN have access to deploy budget alerts across all subscriptions underneath a management group (typically the top-level management group for landing zones).


terraform>= 1.0
azurerm~> 3.71.0


No modules.


azurerm_role_assignment.buildingblock_deployopen in new windowresource
azurerm_role_definition.buildingblock_deployopen in new windowresource
azurerm_subscription.currentopen in new windowdata source


namename of the building block, used for naming resourcesstring"budget-alert"no
principal_idsset of principal ids that will be granted permissions to deploy the building blockset(string)n/ayes
scopeScope where the building block should be deployable, typically the parent of all Landing Zones.stringn/ayes


documentation_mdMarkdown documentation with information about the Budget Alert building block backplane
role_assignment_idsThe IDs of the role assignments for the service principals.
role_assignment_principal_idsThe principal IDs of the service principals that have been assigned the role.
role_definition_idThe ID of the role definition that enables deployment of the building block to subscriptions.
role_definition_nameThe name of the role definition that enables deployment of the building block to subscriptions.
scopeThe scope where the role definition and role assignments are applied.